Sunita Gupta (Founder)
1956 to forever in our hearts..



Ocean Home Store is an online retail brand for the established retail outlet Ocean Collections and export house Ocean Exim India Pvt. Ltd. Ocean Collections is a leading retail brand from Jaipur for home textile and garments. Conceptualized by Smt. Sunita Gupta, Ocean Collections started in the year 1994 with a simple idea of supporting her husband Mr. Ravindra Nath in the manufacturing and exports of home textile products. As the years grew by, she saw a huge demand for designs made by her in Indian and American markets and the idea for opening a full blown retail outlet came in place. Smt. Sunita’s design supported by Mr. Nath’s vision is what Ocean Home Store stands for today. All products at Ocean Home Store are a true testimony of an inspirational story of Smt. Sunita’s legacy which she has left behind.


About the designs

Ocean Collections is truly a designer’s brand. Our designs mains inspirations lies in the essence of Rajasthan. We take immense pride in representing the art, history, colors and culture of Rajasthan. Our designs synergizes the age old charm of traditional block prints with contemporary motifs and color palettes. With our designs we hope they bring a smile to our customers around the world and of course brighten up their living spaces!


Supporting the community

Smt. Sunita truly believed in giving back to the society. She believed in the age long tradition of art and promoting the local heritage and skills possessed by the local artisans. A large part of her leadership was to extend opportunity back to the society. Ocean Collections consistently develops innovative grass root programs to provide communities of talented artisan with a platform to pursue their passion. A network of more than 200 dedicated families with more than 350 women work virtually from home and earn their livelihood. Once the work is done, finished goods are collected and checked on quality parameters before sold to customers worldwide.


Our Stores

Smt. Sunita Gupta has left behind a beautiful legacy. Ocean Collections, Jaipur our flagship store is a store made with pure love. A swanky space spread across an area of 4000 square feet is home to one of the biggest collection on home textiles in Jaipur. Apart from home textiles, our stores are also home to our home grown brand for garments “Suramya.” Apart from our store in Jaipur, we are located in Shahpura and Neemrana in Rajasthan.

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